What Is Fishing Tackle?


Ah yes, the age old question. A lot of people seem to wonder as to what the tackles themselves mean, whether they have anything to do with tackling like in rugby, what is the difference between this and bait and much more. Well to start off, a tackle is typically a piece of a random piece of equipment that is very commonly used by a wide variety of fishermen when they are usually out on a fishing excursion of some sort. That is the basic premise of a tackle and not exactly the most thorough one even though I’ll go in depth more later on.

The standard of what can be successfully considered a fishing tackle and what is considered some bull shit you buy at a dollar store is somewhat blurred in between. Pretty much any piece of equipment and or gear that is used for fishing can be called a fishing tackle. This means that:

  1. A dead worm
  2. Your grandma’s knitting kit
  3. Rat’s brains
  4. Dollarshop sh-tuff
  5. Deer intestines
  6. Bull’s feces
  7. Eagle’s eyeballs

Are all considered to be fishing tackle which is quite baffling if you ask me personally. I’m not too sure why the definition is so vague but I suppose you can’t really change shit that has existed for quite a minute now in various speakings of hunters alike.

The term itself has come from 1398 AD. That’s so far back I don’t even know what AD is. After death? No idea son, I got no idea. But I do know that that is pretty far back. That shit was before even world war 2 happened. Even world war 1 already was not in the planning stages.  But then again, who plans world wars?

Anyway, this thing is so old that even Atlantis was alive. Yes, Atlantis, the country of the seas, the crème of the crop, the most advanced civilization that has ever lived. Did you know that they had working toilets? That blows my mind dude.


Anyway, I digress, back to the tackles. A common one is hook, line and sinker. The hook attaches to the line that attaches to the piece of object and attaches to the sinker. The sinker is the part of the tackle that sinks and as such it is important to realize the importance of the sinker itself as it is quite the bad boy. But the line is the most important one. I guess you can say your fishing livelihood is at line without a good line. As it goes, a pun is worth 1000 words but a picture is worth a little bit more. And that is the philosophy of the Kingmeister.


Some of the standard nylon monofilament lines that have been created in the labs of jfonline have found a lot of things out that are pretty interesting to be honest with you. For example, they have many copolymers of fluorocarbon and if there’s anything I remember from chemistry class (and that is a pretty rare thing too) it’s that fluorine explodes and kills everyone. How it is used in lines is beyond me, maybe you combust the fish? I suppose that way the fish won’t move, after all after you’ve had your brains blasted out by a fluorine bomb you can’t really swim that well.


I love the sinkers the most though. You got these lead sinkers which are pretty heavy and sink when put in water. Which is a good thing because if your sinker floats then it’s a floater (not like the floaters in your eye, those are just parasitic worms living inside of you – sorry to break the truth to you).


Anyway, I hope this answers your question of what a tackle is. If you have any more questions feel free to contact me and holla. I’ll be waiting outside of your window. Look behind you now.

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