Types of Fish That You Can Catch


When you’re out fishing you’re likely to catch many types of fish. Here I have compiled some of the most common ones that you can catch. Without further ado, here they are:

  1. Arctic Char – it is quite a symbolic figure of the arctic and it is debatably one of the most if not the most exotic fish that you can catch. Just make sure to take a picture of one before you gobble it down.
  2. Arctic Grayling – alternatively called the sailfish of the north, this fish right here is very well treasured for its super aggressive aerial actions as it can fly up into the sky and rain down upon anyone trying to enjoy it as their dinner.
  3. Black Crappie – this fish is far from crap, it is actually one of the biggest reasons that the anglers have come to start fishing as it gives out precious caviar which is hard to get. Of course, not at the level of black caviar but caviar nonetheless.
  4. Brook Trout – the trout right here is super solid and you can use a variety of different ways to catch it like fly fishing or even ice fishing. Another favorite of mine.
  5. Brown Bullhead – this fish is nothing special and that is exactly where its specialty lies. Almost everyone will encounter it at some point in their lives which makes it one of the most common catches that a fisher on an angler will see in their lifetime.
  6. Brown Trout – the trout is usually colored in a nice shade of diarrhea to leaky stool which is what gives it its name. It is quite challenging to catch like the toilet is when you accidentally drank a bottle of laxatives thanks to your pranking “friend” who you will get back shortly. May or may not be what I do.
  7. Burbot – now here’s a fish. This one is a pain in the behind to catch and requires a lot of effort to get. It gets a name of being the least likely that you will take it home but if you do catch it you get an angling award since it’s such a pain to actually catch.
  8. Channel Catfish – this fish is no joke. It’s like a tinder date that you get. In the pics it looks super solid, beautiful with the right curves in the right places, and the right weight and size. But once you see it in person you find out that your whole thing was just a simple lie. And then you get depressed but are too tired to stay and too tired to leave so you just wait awkwardly for a date. That’s why I recommend to just find a nice packed bar and tell her to come over and if you see her being overweight by a solid 50 pounds and hideous then you run away stealthily just like in the game metal gear solid 5. BTW, that’s one of the most fantastic games that I have played just for you information.

In conclusion, these are the most common fishes that you will usually catch. There are obviously a lot more but I might write a part 2 for this if enough people want it. But for now, if you guys have any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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