More Gear to Pack


Alright, now we’re back at it again and this time we will cover more things that you should bring with you. Since the first article got so many hits, we figured a new one was in order. So without further ado, here are more things that you should pack while out on a hunt:

  1. Sunglasses

It can get pretty sunny if you’re out in the field and your vision is one of the most important things that you have in order to find your prey. After all, how many world class hunters and fishers have you seen that are blind?

This is why I recommend having a solid pair of sunglasses. Not just a pair, but a solid pair as it is likely to fall off or get damaged and you can’t afford the luxury of getting a new pair of Gucci’s every time they break (unless you can in which case great job on having an amazing bank account and I’d appreciate if you can donate a couple of dollars to me).

  1. Pants

Unless you’re going out hunting in your underwear and boots, getting a solid pair of pants is very important in terms of overall comfort levels of your hunting excursion. My recommendation is to go with tactical pants as that offer the best kinds of support and many good brands have many additional features that you can use. For example, the 5.11 line features a keychain holder which will no doubt come in useful when you are going to be planning to chain your keys sometime in the near future. The important thing here to realize is that you can never have too many features as the more the better, like my grandpa used to say.

You can also get those new 2016 pants that have scent hiding capabilities if you’re hunting deer cause deer have an amazing sense of smell (somehow as good as my dog’s) so they’ll sniff you our from far away. Funny story, my friend was taking an ant seizure medication and a side effect of that is involuntary fecal excretion. So basically, he shit his pants. The worst part was that we couldn’t’ find any deer for a 100 km radius around us and called it a day.

  1. Entertainment

Let’s face it, most of the time the hunt itself isn’t all that interesting. You can wait there for hours and hours and get nowhere. This is why I recommend to bring some form of entertainment with yourself as to not be completely bored during the trip. I usually carry my trusty old Gameboy but you can bring in a 3DS if you’re more advanced. Favorite games are deer hunter 2016 and Mario. I know, no need to comment here.

That brings us to the end of the more things to pack. Hope that this comes in handy to you and if you have any 1uestions always feel free to ask us. See you next week!

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