Beginner Guide To Fishing V2 – Updated for October!


So the first thing that you have to know about fishing is that it has one of the most amount of random doodads and other kinds of things. As such, it can be hard to start up, particularly those that don’t have anyone that will teach them the right materials and the right way to do the things in the fishing world. Regardless, this is where we come in. So what you have to basically know about fishing is a couple of things at first. The most important one would be the fishing rod itself, of course. The quality of the fishing rod will determine the enjoyment you will get out of fishing. You don’t want to be fishing and then get a big catch only to have it slip away or worse – your rod breaking while you’re catching it. Definitely not a fun time.

This is why I recommend getting an excellent fishing rod right from the start. Some of the best fishing rods can be found if you google best fishing rod on google. Then, after you proceed to read those reviews all you have to do is find the rod that you want and proceed to buy it from your retailer of choice. Bass pro shops is a great retailer I found and it can have some pretty great sales at times especially on black friday. But I digress, there’s no need to worry about sales right now, just worry about getting a quality rod that can last you for a long time.

Next Up… Bait!


After you have found the rod that you need, you would next need some kind of bait for the fishes. There are many different kinds of bait for different kinds of fishes as different fishes prey on different kinds of prey. Also different colors and sizes attract different fish. If you’re trying to catch a little fish I’m not so sure that having a shark sized bait would do you any good. Similarly, if you attempt to catch something gigantic don’t get a small bait as that will most likely not even interest the fish that you are trying to catch right now.

Another important thing that you are going to require before you start fishing is terminal tackle. Terminal tackle is basically that red and white little bobbing thing that floats your bait so that the bait won’t sink taking you with it. I kid, I kid, but seriously, the terminal tackle is an important thing to have if you even consider yourself any sort of fishermen. Ok, if you catch fish with a spear like our ancestors once did I would understand but for all other purposes , you need a terminal tackle. I used to sell tackle back in my day but then I have decided to move my business otherwise and am now working on something that I enjoy doing quite a lot more. What it is is not something that I want to reveal to you at this point in time but I’ll definitely mention it sometime soon on this website. Your best bet is to keep visiting the site and trying to find anything new that will get posted here.

Next up is the hat. Of course, you can’t be a fisherman without a fisherman’s hat just like you can’t be a hunter without hunting boots. Indeed, it’s the clothes and accessories that make the fishermen, not skill itself. But sarcasm aside, a hat will do wonders for you if you’re out in the sun for many hours without much luck. Which is a common thing for those new to fishing as you learn the ropes in and out until you finally know what to do. Even the best fishermen experience bad days and everyone always has room to grow. Old people not as much as the new memory retention center in the hippocampus is pretty downregulated by the time that you reach 60 or 70, but they can still make new memories. The process where you can’t make new memories is called anterograde amnesia and it is a condition where people remember their past but can’t remember anything new that has happened to them. It sucks a lot but I’d have to say that Alzheimer’s probably sucks a whole lot more.

Finally, when the damn fish bites, start reeling in that bad boy. Take your time but don’t go too slow. You need to learn the proper speed at which you should do it in case that you goof up and let it go. Try to keep the revolutions at a rate of about 10 to 17 revolutions per minute if you are reeling in something that is 2-5 kg and about 20-32 if you are reeling in anything that is less. I know it is confusing at first but after a couple of uses you will fully understand the technique and what to do.

That’s It Folks!

If you got any question feel free to ask me. Hope to see you next time!

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