Beginner’s Guide to Fishing


Ah yes, you’ve decided to embark on the fine craft of fishing. Fishing is a great activity to do if you’re bored and are not looking to do too much movement. Or any at all for that matter. Fishing is like chilling with your friends at a bar and just having fun. Especially if the day is nice, you can put on some nice lounge instrumental hits and just ponder life and your goals. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a fish!

Part 1: The Rod

The rod is imperative to have for fishing as without you can’t really fish. Well to be honest, you can fish but with spears instead. To be honest, fishing spears are pretty fun to use, much more manly to fish with than the normal fishing lines in my honest opinion. I have tried it once and it was a pretty cool experience. Granted, my hand to eye coordination was worse than Michael J. Fox on a trampoline but I still got 1 fish from my 4 hour excursion.

Some good rods are those made by Amazon or DeGrant’s. I particularly love the DeGrant rods as they offer support like no other rod.

The rods are made up of 3 to 4 parts usually. There the male bottom that penetrates deep into the female middle. The male end of the middle also goes balls in into the top female slot. Depending on how much you’ve used your fishing rod, it might be tight to put it in at first but then it loosens up. You can always use a little lubricant to make things a little smoother.


Part 2: The Line

The line is another important piece of the fishing rod. You can say that without a proper and well-made line, your fishing career will be on a line. Ha, back to the line, my favorite are the carbon fiber and nylon wires as they tend to provide the strongest and most versatile and elastic support when it comes to fishing.

The way that you hook the line is simple, you find the holes in the rod, and then you insert the long and strong line into it multiple times, in and out to make sure it fits in properly. It’s pretty small and doesn’t have much girth so you can easily slide it in. Once it’s in, you can proceed to hook the lure onto it.


Part 3: The Knot

You thought we’re going straight to the lure? Not so fast, first we have to tie the line and then we can proceed so to say.

My favorite kind of knot I learned back in my boy scout days and that is the good ol’  hempshire reverse ez breezy knot.  So what you gotta do is firstly put the knot into a straight line. Then you put one end into the other and tie a circle. After you tie the circle you twist it at the sides and make a y shape. The opening in the y allows you to put a 3rd line into it from the back, backside attack if you will. Then, as the foreign new and thick rope enters the backside, you clasp onto it tightly with the first rope. And ta-da!

Part 4: The Lure

And finally, you just put the lure onto it. Make sure it’s tight but not too tight cause you might have to remove it later when you’re having a slow fish day or your lure is cheap and the fishes don’t like it.


And so, you have learned how to use a fishing rod. How do you feel? It’s a lot to grasp at once so make sure you read through it multiple times.  Anyway, if you want more information just contact me and I’ll try to answer all of your questions. Joseph out!

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